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Are “Maintenance-Free” Windows
Really Maintenance-Free?

Maintenance Free Windows

In the world of windows, many of us are familiar with the outlandish sales talk and advertising claims that we hear and see in the media every day. So what is the real truth about replacement windows being maintenance free?

Most thermal replacement windows are made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Vinyl windows require no painting inside or out, therefore eliminating the need to paint windows.

By switching to maintenance-free vinyl or aluminum windows, you could save on your painting bills up to 50%. The truth is that vinyl and aluminum windows still have to be cleaned, so they are not completely maintenance free. This exposes another issue that most replacement window dealers don’t tell you or want you to know.

To sum it up, replacing your windows with new vinyl or aluminum windows delivers large savings in maintenance costs, plus offers convenience simply because newer windows don’t require the maintenance or upkeep that materials like wood do.

Also - parts of our state contain wide open spaces or neighborhoods with large numbers of trees. Airborne particles are very common in these areas and stick to windows. This can mean frequent cleaning. However, our double-hung windows feature tilt-in sash designs which allow for the external glass to be cleaned from inside. Understandably, this makes our double-hung windows quite popular.

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