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At Window Place,
We Are A Proud Energy Star® Partner.

We Offer Chicago-Area Homeowners Energy Star®-Qualified Windows
That Cut Energy Costs And Help Our Planet.

Energy Efficient Windows Replacement & Installation Chicago

At Window Place in Chicago, we offer a beautiful, feature-rich “Green” window line that assures you a product that energy efficient and environmentally friendly. From none custom two-tone colors to between-glass decorative grids, we sell some of the best looking efficient windows in Chicago.

Windows are the leading cause of energy loss in your home. Older homes with standard windows have especially high energy bills. The windows simply have poor sealing and insulation. Poor window insulation and conduction lets cold air into your home, while allowing warm air to escape.

For a window to be as energy efficient as possible, it must have a glass coating, gas fill, a warm-edge spacer, and an airtight frame. And those ultra-efficient windows are the exact what we sell to our Chicago customers.

Here is the “anatomy” of an energy-efficient window:

Energy Efficient Windows Replacement & Installation Chicago

Bottom Line: Energy Star®-qualified windows pay for themselves many times over with the amount you’ll save on energy bills. And when you buy windows from Window Place in Chicago, you can be sure you’re getting windows that meet or exceed Energy Star® requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about our different styles of windows, and which type would be best for your home, please Contact Us today.