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Why And When Should You
Replace Your Windows?

Why Replace Windows

People replace their windows for many reasons:

  • They’re just plain old and falling apart.
  • Air and moisture is infiltrating your home.
  • You’re tired of cleaning and painting your windows.
  • You may be paying high heating and air conditioning bills.
  • You want to improve the overall appearance and value of your home.
  • You’re tired of complaining about cold drafts or heat coming from in and around your windows.
  • Your outdated wood, vinyl, or aluminum windows have long lost their luster and are taking away from the value of your home.

If you find yourself nodding “yes” upon reading one or more of the above listed then you probably already know that your windows should be replaced.

Windows 10 years old or more should be replaced to improve comfort levels, and to maximize energy savings. Remember, new construction is rarely a guarantee that your windows are energy-efficient.

In most cases, builders use low grade materials to lower costs, which results in poor quality and poor efficiency.

In addition to saving dramatically on energy costs and enjoying comfortable temperatures, you can dramatically alter the exterior appearance of your home without major construction.

And you can set your home apart from similar looking homes in your neighborhood by choosing from a wide array of styles and colors.

At Window Place, we believe that purchasing replacement windows should be an easy and comfortable process, one that allows the buyer to be in control.

Please see our Window Place Advantage page for more reasons to replace you windows.

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