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Sales Process

Most window companies send a salesman out to your home that proceeds to “hammer” you with fake discounts and high-pressure to get your business. We’ve even heard stories of salesmen staying 2 hours. And – after all that the cost is much higher than the quote!

Not at Window Place. We come out, give you our brochure, explain the difference in our windows; why we’re less expensive, why we have better quality, etc… Then, we actually measure your windows. This way, you get a real quote right down to the penny. And we’re in and out in less than an hour.

At Window Place, we offer true wholesale prices on premium windows—at “$100 to $200 less than retail window companies. Sounds like a bold statement, but it’s true. You see, we manufacture & install all our custom windows right here in Chicago.

For you this means No high-pressure sales tactics, No tricks, and No fake discounts. Plus – since we’ve cut out the “middle man,” YOU pocket the markup added by most retail window companies.

Bottom Line—we don’t need to sell you on our windows… our windows do that for us.

"Their” $350.00 window is typically $100-$200 less with Window Place. And we install it ourselves & carry the warranty for life.

If you’re tired of high-pressure sales tactics, trickery, fake discounts, and overall pricing games – please contact us for a Free down-to-the-penny Quote.