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About Us

About Window Place

Hello, my name is Jack Chong of Window Place. Having worked in the home improvement industry on hundreds of consumers’ homes, just like yours, I began seeing a trend toward less quality products and sub-par workmanship. Unfortunately, times have changed and it’s tough to believe much of anything you see or hear in the media, especially when it comes to product performance. I understand that consumers have become increasingly disappointed and skeptical regarding products not living up to their claims.

This brought me to an important conclusion: if I truly believe I have the best product on the market today, then it’s my responsibility to share what I know with the people. That’s why I started my own home improvement company—Window Place.

Here at Window Place, we take pride in offering the best insulated window system on the market today. We manufacture our own high-quality windows that can be custom fit to your home or business. When someone buys “off the shelf” windows, they must live with that window… even if it doesn’t fit right. But with Window Place, we can custom any window for an easy and perfect fit.

If you are homeowner who’s –

  • Windows are falling apart?
  • Air and moisture infiltrating your home?
  • Tired of cleaning and painting your windows?
  • Tired of paying high heating and air conditioning bills?
  • Outdated wood, vinyl, or aluminum windows have long lost their luster and are taking away from the value of your home?

Or, do you simply want to improve the overall appearance and value of your home?

Then please contact us for a Free Quote on your new custom-made window today.